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If you have a question, an idea, some feedback or a suggestion regarding our apps, we would absolutely love to hear from you. One of the main ways we can keep improving them is by listening to what you and your children think. You can get in touch easily using either of the methods above. Our intention with all enquiries is to reply by the next working day at the latest.

All our apps are thoroughly tested before they go on sale, but with the multitude of different devices, screen resolutions and operating system versions available, it's just possible there could be a problem with a particular app on a particular version of a particular device.

If that turns out to be the case, and you're affected by an issue with any of our apps, then please tell us and we will get back to you ASAP.

All support and communication is via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. We're sorry, but we do not offer telephone support under any circumstances.

Marketing / SEO / Web & Mobile Development Companies...

We receive upwards of 25 unsolicited e-mails from companies (most offering marketing, development and search engine optimisation services) every day. We're sorry, but we have no intention of using the services of any company who contacts us in this way, so please remove us from any marketing lists you may have us on. Thank you.

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All Our Educational Games:All apps: Price * iPhone / iPad Mac OSX Android Kindle
Squeebles: Complete Bundle (10 apps) £22.99 **
Squeebles: Times Tables £3.99
Squeebles: Spelling Test £3.99
Squeebles: Punctuation £2.99
Squeebles: Tell the Time £2.99
Squeebles: Flip Multiplication £2.99
Squeebles: Maths Race £2.99
Squeebles: Maths Bingo £1.99
Squeebles: Word Search £2.99
Squeebles: Division £2.99
Squeebles: Addition & Subtraction £2.99
Squeebles: Fractions £1.99

* Prices may vary slightly depending on device / App Store.
** Bundle prices represent approximately a 25% discount on the price of the same apps bought individually.